Tuesday, November 24, 2009



Saturday, November 21, 2009


Im away dealing with a family issue... will return in a few days!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Back home for a few days as my father is fighting for his life.. havent forgotten my blog and have a few photos that I took right before we left.

Do you ever have dreams in full color? I dream in color often, when I travel in my sleep.
This is a place I go often... rich in color and smells and I find myself back here again and again.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No answer

Used my last dime to call you and no answer..pounded on the walls to no avail.


Her dreams kept whispering to her... go east.. to the great city and so she did. And when she arrived the subways were empty and no longer running so she trudged up the stairs and out into the sunlight. After walking only a few blocks she came upon a shocking sight. There had been a tragic, horrific poultry accident that had left the city paralyzed and potentially unrecoverable. Unable to absorb the sheer magnitude of the accident, she sought sustenance and found a diner where she could be alone with her thoughts. Had her dreams not told her to find this place? (but there had never been a giant chicken on wheels in the dreams) and even though the diner was empty she ate the very last piece of key lime pie but left a dollar just in case. She gathered herself up, dreams and all and decided yes... this is where I shall make my home. Mere days later, she found her place serving flop dogs from a giant plastic weiner-mobile near the sea. (This only after the people came back and the chicken feathers were cleared.) There she lived out her days smiling and serving flop dogs and listening to the sounds of the waves and the gulls out the back door of the weiner-mobile. She thought dreamily to herself as she worked.. THIS.. this is where I shall dwell.. in the land of giant corn dogs... and I will be happy. And it was so.


Editors note: Ive been horribly ill for days.. which is really no excuse. I intend to write a small vignette about my photo sets that tell a story I imagine from the visit but havent finished them yet.

Ive added two below under the Muse and Dust sets.

Please go back when you have time and read them so you might also feel like you were there.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The Wastelands, day 2: I set out on foot with as much water as I could carry in my backpack and a few tins of food I found in the abandoned home from last night. I've seen no faces and heard only the distant sound of a single dog barking.
There is only the sun and the wind and remnants of past lives that attempt to tell me the story of this place. I feel like an intruder as make my way through burned out buildings, picking up broken cups and burned, tattered yellow magazines. I don’t mind being alone, I just hate the loneliness. Spent night two in an ancient truck cab where the weeds had grown up through the crumbled floorboards but at least its shelter from the wind. I laughed out loud at the irony as I caught myself pressing the door locks out of habit. As night came, I was more aware than ever of the emptiness of this place. Eventually I fell into a restless sleep listening to the screech of the ravenous sand eating away at the rusted metal of my shelter. And somewhere, a dog barked again and then was silent.

Sim Name: The Wastelands

Monday, October 26, 2009


All things human hang by a slender thread; and that which seemed to stand strong suddenly falls and sinks in ruins.”- Ancient Roman poet, 43 BC

Sim name: Feast


Wild, dark times are rumbling toward us, and the prophet who wishes to write a new apocalypse will have to invent entirely new beasts.." - Heinrich Heine, 1797-1856

Sim names: The Wastelands, Malady bog and Bloodmoss swamp

Sim name: Ave Maria

God made so many different kinds of people. Why would he allow only one way to serve him? ~Martin Buber

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The spaceport bar was dim and smoky and filled with the usual, unusual faces and smells and what might be laughter coming from the group in the corner. I saw only two or three humans which didn't surprise me but I remember a time when there were more. The bartender leaned toward me and asked me what Id like. Australian maybe with a warm rich voice that made me look closer. He proudly wore a scraggy, threadbare coat that was likely a tuxedo long ago. There were careful attempts to mend it with bits of colored threads, a dirty scarf tied rakishly about his neck and a jaunty hat. Standing taller when he saw me looking, it was if he were presenting himself for inspection. He handed me my ale and allowed his hand to brush against my own with a slight smile. Of all the things I remember about that place, his eyes were what stayed with me the longest. A boyish face, smiling like a shy child inviting me to come closer, but not too close. His eyes were a dark violet color, likely from the years spent on that planet. Wise, ancient eyes for such a boy, but looking deeper, something almost frightening- like a wounded animal who needed you but would never, ever let you touch.
Sim Name: Desperation Andromeda

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sim name: Drowsy

Now that mountains of meaningless words
and oceans divide us
And we each have our own set of stars
to comfort and guide us
Come into my sleep
Come into my sleep, oh yeah
Dry your eyes and do not weep
Come into my sleep

Swim to me through the deep blue sea
upon the scattered stars set sail
Fly to me through this love-lit night
from one thousand miles away
And come into my sleep
Come into my sleep oh yeah
As midnight nears and shadows creep
Come into my sleep

Bind my dreams up in your tangled hair
For I am sick at heart, my dear
Bind my dreams up in your tangled hair
For all the sorrow it will pass, my dear