Sunday, October 25, 2009


The spaceport bar was dim and smoky and filled with the usual, unusual faces and smells and what might be laughter coming from the group in the corner. I saw only two or three humans which didn't surprise me but I remember a time when there were more. The bartender leaned toward me and asked me what Id like. Australian maybe with a warm rich voice that made me look closer. He proudly wore a scraggy, threadbare coat that was likely a tuxedo long ago. There were careful attempts to mend it with bits of colored threads, a dirty scarf tied rakishly about his neck and a jaunty hat. Standing taller when he saw me looking, it was if he were presenting himself for inspection. He handed me my ale and allowed his hand to brush against my own with a slight smile. Of all the things I remember about that place, his eyes were what stayed with me the longest. A boyish face, smiling like a shy child inviting me to come closer, but not too close. His eyes were a dark violet color, likely from the years spent on that planet. Wise, ancient eyes for such a boy, but looking deeper, something almost frightening- like a wounded animal who needed you but would never, ever let you touch.
Sim Name: Desperation Andromeda

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  1. This place will become the secret box I'll messages for you to find, and where I'll discover notes you've left for me. In a dark alley, in a desolate part of a desolate town. This is our home away from home..