Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Her dreams kept whispering to her... go east.. to the great city and so she did. And when she arrived the subways were empty and no longer running so she trudged up the stairs and out into the sunlight. After walking only a few blocks she came upon a shocking sight. There had been a tragic, horrific poultry accident that had left the city paralyzed and potentially unrecoverable. Unable to absorb the sheer magnitude of the accident, she sought sustenance and found a diner where she could be alone with her thoughts. Had her dreams not told her to find this place? (but there had never been a giant chicken on wheels in the dreams) and even though the diner was empty she ate the very last piece of key lime pie but left a dollar just in case. She gathered herself up, dreams and all and decided yes... this is where I shall make my home. Mere days later, she found her place serving flop dogs from a giant plastic weiner-mobile near the sea. (This only after the people came back and the chicken feathers were cleared.) There she lived out her days smiling and serving flop dogs and listening to the sounds of the waves and the gulls out the back door of the weiner-mobile. She thought dreamily to herself as she worked.. THIS.. this is where I shall dwell.. in the land of giant corn dogs... and I will be happy. And it was so.

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  1. And she lived happily ever after bringing home slop dogs and lemonade and knew the dream was true.